Insect Hotel on the Horizon

Have you noticed the can collection box at reception? Here is the story behind it.

Since October 2019 Anouschka who is commencing grade 5 this year has been collecting cans, her plan is to use the money collected from recycling cans to buy an insect hotel. An insect hotel provides a sheltered space for insects such as beetles and native bees working hard to pollinate native plants and clean our ecosystem.

Below is a note from Anouschka herself:


I am enjoying collecting cans with Eltham Leisure Centre and I hope I can keep doing it. I have had so much fun coming to get your cans and all the other places and neighbours that I have asked to get their cans from. Overall, I have earned $125. I have given $50 that I have earned to an animal rescue wildlife Centre called WIRES.  

I would like to thank all of the people that have brought and or put cans in my big bin. I have also got a little bird house and a bug hotel, and so next time I go back up to my land I can put them up somewhere.

Please continue to drop your cans off here at the Eltham Leisure Centre so Anouschka can continue to help our environment!