ARV Swim Teacher for Babies, Infants and Preschool Winner!

Eltham Leisure Centre’s Hannah O’Shea has been announced as the winner of the Swim Teacher for Babies, Infants and Preschool at the 2020 Aquatics and Recreation Victoria Awards.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in psychological sciences, minoring in training and development, Hannah’s communication skills within the team, externally with parents and with other areas across the centre is impeccable. Hannah believes that if you are not learning you are not succeeding. She lives by this philosophy and helps others to do the same by sharing her learnings with those around her.

Hannah has also gone on to create, in her own time, an in-house professional development series called Teacher Masterclasses. This included a class on holds and child safety education and ‘songbook’ which matched infant and preschool songs with the educational benefits and parent education required. Hannah then volunteered her own time to run the classes providing over 20 staff with new learnings.

Lisa Wilson, Head of Swim School, commented.

“Hannah has been instrumental in the launch of the Eltham Leisure Centre Swim School program. Her ability to see new opportunities and bring the swim school team on the journey has led to our many successes this year ”, said Ms Wilson.

“In particular, her work on the launch of our Little Wonders program (a free water safety and familiarization class for 4-12 month olds) has seen over 200 families attend these free classes with their newborns and strong conversions into learn to swim classes.”

Aligned Leisure also wishes to recognise Kaali Huddleton from Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre who was a finalist in this award category.