Eltham Leisure Centre proudly supporting The Pat Cronin Foundation

The Eltham Leisure Centre is once again proud to be supporting the The Pat Cronin Foundation through the 2019 Eltham Fun Run. Last year we were extremely pleased to hand over a cheque of $15,296 to Matt and Robyn Cronin, parents of Pat who was tragically killed by a single coward punch in 2016.

Matt Cronin recently provided us with an insightful update as to how the foundation is using the donations put forward, to spread their message into the broader community.

The majority of the 2018 Eltham Fun Run profits were able to fund an amazing campaign labelled the ‘Be Wise Awareness Campaign’. Several posters with the message to ‘End the Coward Punch’ and to ‘Be Wise’ have been visible in over 500 pubs, clubs and sporting venues with a total estimated reach of 13,760,880 people. The posters are used as a timely reminder to patrons that it is never okay to throw a punch, which could possibly save a life in the long run.

The Pat Cronin Foundation’s three pillars to ending the coward punch are education, awareness and research. To know that the Eltham Fun Run has played a significant role in progressing the awareness of the coward punch makes all the hard work of our staff and you as participants more than worth while.

Looking forward to the 2019 Eltham Fun Run, the foundation is planning on using funds to go towards a brand new digital platform and ‘Be Wise’ mobile phone app. The opportunities for this app are limitless in the way of education, awareness and research.

This will act as a resource centre for education programs in schools and sporting clubs. Matt is also excited about using geolocation technology around specified venues to remind ‘Be Wise’ app users of the important message to stay calm in high risk situations. Stay tuned later in the year for the launch of the brand new app!

The Eltham Leisure Centre is extremely committed to contributing to the important initiatives that the Pat Cronin Foundation puts forward to help end the coward punch. We will continue to fully support this great cause and urge everyone to click HERE to register for the 2019 Eltham Fun Run.