Excitement building for Virtual Group Fitness Install

Excitement is building as our Virtual Group Fitness system is being installed this Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th August.

As a result we will have some slight impact on some classes to be run in a different space with only 2 classes not running.

The affected class changes are:

Wednesday 23/08
9:10am Cycle – cancelled

Thursday 24/08
Bodyvive 9:10am – Upstairs
Body Pump 10:15am – cancelled
Yoga 11:15am – Upstairs
Bodyvive 12:15pm – Upstairs

Friday 25/08
Body Attack 9:10am – Stadium
Pilates 10:15am – Upstairs
CX Worx 10:15am – Stadium
Active Barre 11:15am – Upstairs
Active Pump 12:15pm – changed to Active Movers Upstairs

We have attempted to minimise the disruption during this time but we are really excited about the end result.