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The Eltham Leisure Centre is also home to a number of health providers to round out your fitness needs.

Back In Motion Montmorency – Now open for business at Eltham Leisure Centre

Back In Motion Montmorency has been providing physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, massage, and exercise and rehab services for the local community for the past 10 years from our primary clinic at 429 Main Rd Montmorency.

We are now open for bookings at Eltham Leisure Centre as part of our Back In Motion Connect®, partnering up with the team at ELC to get our clients back into the gym and rehabilitate their injuries with the convenience of not having to travel to an external location for treatment.

Eltham Onsite Physiotherapists 

Name: Seb Walsh (Clinical Associate Physiotherapist)

Special Interests:

Hydrotherapy and pre and post surgery (particularly hip and knee)

Sporting injuries

Available for appointments at Eltham Leisure Centre

Thursdays 1:10pm-4pm

Name: Cameron Ramlu (Clinical Associate Physiotherapist)

Special Interests:

Spinal injuries, Shoulder injuries, Strength and Conditioning

Available for appointments at Eltham Leisure Centre

Wednesdays 1:20pm-8pm

Name: Ben Carubia (Clinical Associate Physiotherapist/Myotherapist)

Special Interests

Shoulders (acute and chronic), Low back pain, Strength & Conditioning (sports and gerontology) and Pelvic Girdle Pain

Available for appointments at Eltham Leisure Centre

Fridays 9am-2pm

Name: Marty Ayres (Clinical Supervisor and Post Graduate Sports Physio)

Special Interests:

Sports physiotherapy and Spinal manipulation

Functional retraining (in the Gym), Running injuries, Shoulder injuries and Muscle strains

Available for appointments at Eltham Leisure Centre

Tuesdays 10:30am -5pm

Fridays 3pm-6pm

Back In Motion Physiotherapy Service:

At Back In Motion we have seen the physio profession start to focus on temporary pain “fixes” that don’t always work. Our approach with clients is to improve pain, whilst keeping an eye on the future, taking our patients from pain and dysfunction all the way to performance. Our unique clinical approach, Results4Life®, keeps you on track towards optimal lifelong physical health.

Additional Services:

Clients are also able to receive a full range of services from our team, and because our services are delivered by physios, you can claim them on private health insurance with extras cover.

  • Hydrotherapy (soon to be moving to Eltham Leisure Centre pending the completion of the Aquatic Centre)
  • Video biomechanical assessment and technique enhancement
    • Running retraining and improvement
    • Golf swing assessment
    • Weight lifting technique assessment
  • Exercise Rehabilitation and injury rehabilitation advice
    • Plyometric rehabilitation sessions for lower limb injuries (e.g. Ski/AFL rehab for ACL)
    • We work in conjunction with the PT’s at ELC to get you back training with your PT as soon as possible
  • Real time ultrasound muscular retraining for Transversus Abdominis and Quadratus Femoris activation following hip arthroscope.
  • Clinical Pilates at our main clinic in Montmorency
  • Gaitscan® foot plate scanner to assess lower limb dysfunction and custom orthotic prescription
  • Advanced shoulder rehabilitation following Lyn Watson’s Level 1 and Level 2 program’s
  • Chronic pain management following the Neuro Orthopedic Institute program
  • A Clinical Educator on site who has completed her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • A Clinical Services Coordinator on site who has completed his Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Free exercise tips & technique video’s on our Facebook page (see below)

We are committed to your satisfaction and delivering the very best in physiotherapy care, customer service and outcomes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience at Motion Health, we will refund your money and deliver your next session free.


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