KGI 12 Week Challenge

Hi All

I hope you’re having a great week.

Following on from last week’s Cultural Safety Training, I wanted to share with you the slides and the recording. Thank you to all who attended and contributed on a Friday afternoon. Please feel free to revisit what you learnt with these tools as your guide, or share them with staff who were unable to attend the live session. You can find the training here, along with our social media posts and posters which may come in handy. I’ve also included a tip sheet based on the training which could be helpful for your front of house staff.

Cultural Training

Dream Big Tip Sheet

I would recommend encouraging all staff, especially front of house, to read through the slides and if possible watch the recording, some time in the next week so they can be prepared as our participants start to come into the centres. I would also recommend making a time with your teams to get together as a group, talk through scenarios 1, 2 and 3 and share your ideas and solutions (see pages 14-16 of the slides). These scenarios will be great preparation for some of the situations you are likely to encounter over the next few months during the program.

There were a few key takeaways from the training session that I think we can easily implement across the board to ensure a smooth roll out and allow our participants the best chance to succeed. These are your Quick Wins:

VIP Treatment

Our participants are likely to be coming from a place of mistrust or apprehension initially and will be looking for reasons to suggest they are in the wrong place. To counter this, for the next 12 weeks we encourage you to make the Dream Big participants the VIPs of your centre. Welcome them in with open arms and help them to feel special. They are official guests of Marlion and Shai and we want them to know that this means they’ll be looked after! If there’s a request out of the ordinary e.g. someone needs food, water, an entry pass for a friend or even equipment – let us know and KGI will do our best to cover costs if need be! On the flip side, if our participants don’t want to engage with the full service (e.g. the personal fitness program, check ins etc) that’s okay too. They might be shy or just keen to do their own thing and we respect that.

Increase Visibility

An easy way to further reinforce that our people have come to the right place is through visibility. A quick fix here is to place the Dream Big Posters up around your centre, at the front desk and throughout the facilities. Having a set of desk flags at the front counter (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) is another great visual signifier. You can also improve your digital visibility by sharing some of the posts to promote the challenge on your social media pages. 

Remove Barriers

We’re already removing some barriers such as money, travel and equipment with our free memberships, bonus adult memberships and prizes. Arranging the digital parental consent forms will also be a great step in the right direction. However there’s still more we can do, including being prepared for curve balls. Check out the tip sheet attached for some ideas of barriers that we can address. If new barriers come up along the way, send us your feedback and we can work on these together.

We are looking forward to the start of the program! If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Kind Regards

Natasha Lieschke

Indigenous Projects Executive

T: 03 9426 4400  |  M: 0413 437 884