‘Meet a Lifeguard’ Program for Older Adults in Nillumbik

Aligned Leisure partners with Life Saving Victoria to launch ‘Meet a Lifeguard’ Program for Older Adults in Nillumbik 

Aligned Leisure, a leading provider of health, leisure, and wellbeing services, has teamed up with Life Saving Victoria (LSV) to introduce the popular ‘Meet a Lifeguard’ program to the community of Nillumbik. This innovative initiative, now adapted for older adults, aims to impart vital water safety skills and promote active aging through an interactive and engaging session.  

Thanks to the generous funding sourced by Life Saving Victoria, the program will be offered free of charge to participants at Eltham Leisure Centre, at 12.00pm, Wednesday 11th October, coinciding with ‘Seniors Month.’ 

The ‘Meet a Lifeguard’ program represents a unique opportunity for older adults to enhance their knowledge and confidence when it comes to water safety. Through an expertly crafted session delivered by experienced instructors from Life Saving Victoria, participants will gain valuable insights into the following key areas: 

  1. Water Safety: The program will equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to stay safe in and around water. Life Saving Victoria’s expert instructors will cover essential water safety practices, including recognising potential hazards, understanding water currents & rips, and knowing how to respond in emergency situations.

  2. Grandchild Supervision: ‘Meet a Lifeguard’ recognises the important role grandparents often play in caring for their grandchildren. Participants will receive guidance on how to ensure the safety of their young family members around water, both at home and in various aquatic environments.

  3. Medication, Illness, and Active Aging: As individuals age, the management of medications and health conditions becomes increasingly important. This program will provide valuable information on how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle taking into account the management of medications and common age-related illnesses.

“We are thrilled to partner with Life Saving Victoria to bring the ‘Meet a Lifeguard’ program to the Nillumbik community,” said Lisa Wilson, Head of Aquatic’s for Nillumbik Leisure. “This program aligns perfectly with our mission to promote health and wellbeing for all age groups. We believe that empowering older adults with water safety knowledge and valuable health insights will not only enhance their lives but also contribute to a safer community.” 

The decision to offer the ‘Meet the Lifeguard’ program free of charge underscores the commitment of both Aligned Leisure and Life Saving Victoria to support older adults in their quest for active and healthy living. Seniors Month serves as an ideal backdrop for this initiative, as it encourages seniors to embrace new experiences and engage in lifelong learning. 

David Holland, LSV Strategic Advisor- Diversity & Inclusion shared LSV’s enthusiasm for the collaboration stating, “We are proud to support this initiative, which not only enriches the lives of older adults but also promotes water safety awareness within the community. Life Saving Victoria’s purpose is to save lives and empower communities to safely enjoy water and this program is another step toward achieving that goal.” 

For more information about the program, including session time and registration details, please complete this Registration Form and a member of our team will be in contact to confirm.