Swim Lesson News December 2019

Swim Lesson News December 2019

Thank You for 2019

Thank you and congratulations to all our students on a wonderful full year of swimming lessons at your Eltham Leisure Centre.

What a year this has been. We experienced growth in our Learn to Swim and School’s swimming lessons programming as well as the inclusion of Little Wonder’s, our free water safety and familiarization program for 4-12 months old’s.  Further growth was seen in Endurance squads, Masterclasses, family fun days and much more.

Next year we look forward to the introduction of the Grey Medallion program, a swimming and survival class that aims to encourage a healthy, independent and active lifestyle for older adults.
We hope you all enjoy your break and look forward to seeing you around the centre.

Term Dates & Summer Suspension

Semester 2 2019 will finish on Sunday December 15th, 2019. All makeup lessons for 2019 must be used before this date.  Semester 1 2020 will begin Monday January 13th, 2020.

Free Summer suspension is available to all swim school membership holders from 16 December to 12 January. To apply the suspension please fill out the Suspension request form found HERE or available on our website. Once suspended the membership benefits including free entry to the centre, free entry to the Family Fun Days and Masterclasses will be not be available during the suspended period.

 Master Class & Family Fun Days

Masterclasses are intensive one-off classes dedicated to specific learning tasks. Masterclasses will include a Summer Survival class for school aged or preschool students, Freestyle side breathing, Breaststroke and Butterfly, Dive starts and turns, Adult beginner and Adult intermediate squad classes. To find out more information please check out our website HERE.

These classes will be offered free of charge to swim school members who do not suspend their membership – subject to availability.

Price Rise 2020

Since commencing the program some 15 months ago in October 2018, the fees and charges have not altered during this time.  With increased operating costs associated with utilities and ongoing operational costs we have undertaken a price review.

Also factored into the pricing review was a comprehensive pricing analysis that will see Eltham Leisure Centre Swim Lessons remain one of the most affordable programs in the area.

From January 13th 2020 the increased fortnightly rate will be $38.00 per student.  For families claiming the 5% multi child discount; this will also be continued, and the fees and charges will be adjusted accordingly.