Tour de France Group Fitness Challenge

This year Eltham Leisure Centre will be hosting a Tour de France Group Fitness Challenge!

Starting on Super Saturday the 7th of July members will be able to collect a Tour de France passport and ride to win.

Regular Classes = 1 Point

All classes (including virtual).

Special Classes = 2 Points

5:30pm Monday RPM

6:30pm Tuesday RPM

9:10am Wednesday Cycle

5:45am Thursday RPM

9:10am Friday RPM

9:10am Saturday Cycle

9:10am Sunday RPM

Super Classes = 5 Points

8:10am and 9:10am on Saturday 7th of July

8:10am and 9:10am on Saturday 28th of July

9:10am on Sunday 29th of July

For every 5 points a member tallies they will receive one entry into the prize draw, to be calculated at the end of the challenge.

2 Major Prizes

Prizes include a Pat Cronin Foundation Cycle Jersey and a one on one PT session with Cycle Coach Andre! Total value of $200.

1 will be awarded to the member who participates in the most cycle class over the challenge period.

1 will be awarded via a raffle entered by members who have received a total of 5 points.