Upcoming Changes to the Group Fitness Timetable

With the much anticipated reopening of our Group Fitness Studio 2 geared to occur in the near future we are looking to make some additional changes to the current Group Fitness timetable.

In lieu of the completion of these renovations there are areas on the timetable that are being considered for amendment. The following timetable highlights these areas that are being considered for changes.

Whilst any alteration will not come into action until the release of the new Group Fitness timetable at Easter, we are giving those interested members a chance to improve the attendance of featured programs in order to prevent any change from occurring.

Please note that with the release of the Autumn timetable existing classes will be relocated into new and improved spaces, more appropriate for your Group Fitness needs.

Please follow the link to view those classes being considered for amendment:

Summer Timetable Announcement